update – Where have we been?

We first introduced to the public at RootsTech in February of 2014. We took our ENTIRE team through the conference in Salt Lake City and shared our ideas for a tree-building, memory-making, family social network.


We were pretty proud of ourselves. We got a lot of compliments and people wanted more!


“We’ll be back,” we promised and we made our way back to our desks in Pasadena to get the app off the ground.


Fast Forward to July. Though we had come a very long way, we had also come up with new ideas and needed more time! We previewed the newest features to thousands of bloggers at Blogher and introduced the #MemoryTree Concept. Again, we got back to our desks with a new launch date and new ideas to implement.


It’s now 2015, and we know you’ve been asking — “Can I start using yet?”


Without further adieu, we’re so excited to announce that we will officially be launching to the masses the week of February 9 at RootsTech 2015! Check back for more details soon.


If you were one of the many interested memory makers who signed up for at RootsTech last year, we’ve got some fun treats in store for you. Be sure to check the email that you signed up with soon for your early invite access and one more surprise.


– the very anxious and very excited Team