Easy and fun tree family tree’s tree builder is easy, interactive, and makes adding family members feel like playing a game.

Free, Private Social Network Evolves Family Tree Building; Launches Six Famous Family Trees Including the Trumps, the British Royal Family, and Game of Thrones Enabling Fans to Learn More About Their Favorite Families

Pasadena, Calif. (March 15, 2017) –, a private social network bringing families together to discover, share, and preserve memories, announced today that it is now out of beta. The recent upgrades to the family tree building application make it the easiest and most enjoyable for families to document and share memories of the past and present with each other, and bring their family story to life.

Available on both desktop and mobile, provides an interactive, collaborative experience for families to research and discover their family history together, while simultaneously helping them document and share the precious memories being made today. includes three main features to help families engage and discover:

  1. Family Tree- Users begin the journey of family discovery by building out their core family tree.’s tree builder is easy, interactive, and makes adding family members feel like playing a game. The tree begins to come to life as users add family members themselves or invite others to collaborate on the tree together.
  2. Memories- Users can easily add and tag memories (photos, videos, stories) within the tree manually or via social network import, and begin to scrapbook their family’s unique story digitally on the tree. Adding a memory is as easy as any social media update, but on, memories are shared only with family members to maintain privacy. Another interesting facet of the memory tags feature is that users can tag other family members in the memory, or tag specific descriptions to easily search for the memory, or similar ones, later. (E.g.: Users can find all of the “wedding” related memories to view a synopsis of family wedding traditions over the years).
  3. Free Historical Records- In order to help users complete their entire ancestral story, provides FREE access to millions of ancestry records such as marriage, death, military, and more. The site seamlessly enables users to bridge their family’s past with the present.

“We first launched in 2015 to help families discover more and remember together through a collaborative family tree. The latest version of delivers this experience in a fun and interactive way that challenges the way we traditionally think about stodgy ancestry sites,” said Harrison Tang, CEO and Co-founder of “The tree is fast, intuitive, and very easy-to-use. The design is friendly and appeals to everyone, young and old. Families no longer have to feel like documenting their history is a chore. makes this important milestone fun, collaborative, and on-going while bringing our most cherished loved ones together on one platform.”

For more information and to start creating your family tree, visit

Famous Family Trees

For the first time, has also released a series of family trees for fans of six of the most famous and intriguing families.. The public trees let fans learn about some of the most complicated family connections for fictional TV families and document the juiciest, most popular events for present-day and historical famous families. features public trees for:

About is a private social network that brings families together, one memory at a time. Through its unique online family tree builder, users can collaborate with family members to map out their history while sharing precious moments with loved ones near and far. The free and easy-to-use tool helps users upload photos and videos, tag keywords, share on social media and search across millions of historical records, all while effortlessly organizing their memories into one seamless experience. Build your family tree today at Follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

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Recap: RootsTech 2016

Another successful RootsTech for the books! We had a great time at the conference and learned a lot from everyone who attended. Here are a few highlights of our experience at RootsTech this year:


Family.Me Booth booth at RootsTech 2016 pictured above

Thanks to everyone who attended, we had one of the most popular booths there! More than 700 people stopped by to make memories at our photo booth and to learn more about the updated version of coming out this summer.


Maurice Lacson at RootsTech

RootsTech attendee Maurice Lacson pictured above Staff Staff at RootsTech pictured above


Many people were really excited about the new features of trees that will be live this summer. CEO Harrison Tang and Software Development Manager Tomer Almog gave exciting previews of the living tree, which will feature a new way of categorizing your family’s memories by tagging.


CEO Harrison Tang CEO Harrison Tang pictured above


Tomer Almog Software Development Manager Tomer Almog pictured above

We are now even more excited for the updated version of our site to come out this summer. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by! If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, visit: and we will let you know when the new version of the site is live!


RootsTech Here We Come! at RootsTech

It’s finally time for RootsTech 2016! We’re so excited to share what we’ve been working on. We’ve stayed busy developing a new and improved family tree. It is the first interactive tree in which families can discover, share, and preserve their memories together.


If you plan on attending RootsTech this year, please visit us at booth #616 for a preview to see how you add your latest photos as new leaves, organize all your memories by tags, and bring your tree to life! We will also have fun props and a photographer. Stop by to take a fun photo with your family and receive a special giveaway.


We hope to see you there!

-The Team