5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat with your Kids

Summer is on its way and with it comes the heat! Summer is a great time to be outside with your family but it is also important to stay cool. Here are a few fun ways to beat the summer heat!


Make Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream

Image Source: CountryLiving.com 


Who doesn’t love ice cream? What a fun and yummy activity for the whole family! Each person can pick his or her favorite flavor to make. Go here for great homemade ice cream recipes!


For a healthier alternative that will keep you equally as cool and hydrated, try fresh slices of watermelon, cucumber, or pineapple!


Play The Ready-Steady Jump Rope Game

Jump Rope

Image Source: Parents.com 


Put a refreshing spin on the classic jump rope game. Each player is handed a cup of water, and when it is their turn to jump rope (two people hold each end), they must try to keep the water from spilling! Whichever player has the most water in their cup at the end wins!


Colored Ice Blocks 

Colored Ice Blocks

Image Source: News at Life


Put food coloring in water and freeze in ice trays or plastic containers. Once they are frozen, take them outside to the kiddie pool! This will not only create beautiful rainbow water but will also keep the water nice and cool! The food coloring is harmless so won’t stain the plastic pool.


Turn a 2-liter Bottle into a Sprinkler

Bottle Sprinklers

Image Source: Clever, Crafty, Cookin’ Mama


Running through a sprinkler is a great way to beat the heat! Who knew all you needed was a leftover 2-liter soda bottle! Here are the instructions to make your very own soda bottle sprinkler, which simply involves poking holes in the top and attaching your hose!


Have a Squirt Bottle Fight 

Squirt Bottle Fights

Image Source: The Examiner 


Take a trip to the dollar store and purchase small squirt bottles. Fill them with water and run around the back yard squirting each other! Form teams and see which team gets the most soaked!


Have fun and stay cool this summer!

How To Plan the Perfect Family Reunion This Summer



When was the last time your whole family was together in one place? If it’s been a while, then a summer family reunion might be just what your family needs! Here are some tips to help you plan a perfect family reunion this summer:


Step 1: Organize the Invitees


First, make a list of the family decision makers. Put together a list of family members and their contact information, which may require some digging. It helps to recruit another family member or members to help you with this task.


Step 2: Set a date/ location


After you have compiled a list of people who are attending, the next task is to set a date for everyone to meet. A great tool to use for scheduling with a group is the website Doodle. Summer schedules can be busy, that’s why it’s crucial to get an early start on planning. Choose a date that the majority of family members are available. Remember, not everyone will be able to make it and that’s okay!


Next, find a location that can accommodate your family. Someone may volunteer to host it at his or her house. Another option is to search for a venue in the area. An outdoor venue with a lot of open space would be ideal for the warm summer weather, and very convenient if you have a large family. Parks are always a great option. If you would like to make the reunion more formal, consider finding a restaurant that will reserve a room and cater the event.


Keep in mind that it is important to find a location that is central to everyone. If your family is scattered around the country, find a central meeting point so the travel time is equal. It’s also important to consider who will be traveling. For instance, if Grandma and Grandpa can’t travel, it might be best for everyone to travel to them. If you do decide to travel and need to book accommodations for your entire family you may want to consider contacting nearby hotels before the visit and block off rooms.


Here are some fun theme ideas for your family reunion:


  • 4th of July Party– Celebrate reconnecting with family in red, white and blue! Have an all-American barbeque with hot dogs and hamburgers. You can even have a family 4th of July parade.
  • Camping over Memorial Day Weekend– For a longer family reunion, plan a camping trip over the long weekend. Roast marshmallows over the fire at night and go hiking during the day!
  • A Hawaiian Luau– Get festive with the dress code! Tell your family to dress in Hawaiian shirts and leis! See who can hula hoop the longest and get the lowest in a limbo contest!



We hope these tips help kick-start your family reunion planning. Have a safe and fun-filled summer!

Family-friendly Spring Break Destinations

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get outside and explore! Get together with your family and take a memorable trip. Here are some of our picks for a fun, family getaway throughout the nation:


Washington D.C.


Washington DC


Washington D.C. is packed full of history and a great place to explore with your family. Plan a trip to go see all the sites, such as Lincoln Memorial, the Capital Building, the White House and more. It’s the perfect place to teach your family about American history while exploring the natural beauty of the capital. Visit one of the many beautiful parks in D.C. such as Capital Hill Park, and Anacostia Park. The blooming cherry blossoms and the mild 60-degree weather will make for a perfectly relaxing day outside.


Charleston, SC


Charleston SC

Image source: HarbourViewCharleston.com 


Charleston is one of the nation’s oldest cities and is filled with history and charm. This beautiful destination is a great place to create new family memories. Be sure to visit many of the sites such as Charles Towne Landing, Fort Moultrie and Patriot’s Point. Charleston also offers 90 miles of coastline with breathtaking beaches to explore such as Folly Beach, and Isle of Palms. At night, be sure to check out the many well-known restaurants throughout the city.


San Diego, CA


San Diego CA

Image source: CITI IO  

Looking for warm weather this Spring Break? Pack up and head to San Diego for your yearly dose of surf and sunshine. There are endless activities to try here! Take surf lessons with your family at La Jolla or sit by many of the scenic beaches such as Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach or visit the Victorian gem, Hotel Del Coronado. Located close to Mexico, San Diego is known for some of the best Mexican food in the country. Spend an evening in Old Town eating churros and listening to live music.