Most Enjoyable Memories to Document for Your Family Tree

Weddings are important for documenting your family tree

“Family” is so much more than the people you’re related to. It’s the people who share your holiday table, who you turn to when times are tough, and those you celebrate life’s big milestones with. Knowing who your family is and what they’ve been through is an essential part of knowing yourself; that’s why so many people love learning about their ancestry and keeping up with family activity on social media sites. Enjoying family is also about remembering those milestones together. Here are some of the top memories that members find exciting to document for their online family tree…


A marriage is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a family! In essence, two families actually become one, growing together from then on out. Wedding memories can be some of the fondest to look back on for the newlyweds, of course, but also for their siblings, parents, and grandparents alike. What do families like to document about weddings? The clothes, the food, the music, and of course, the commitment itself.


Graduations are huge milestones in many families. High school graduations, college graduations, and even special graduation ceremonies like Basic Training or from a doctorate program may mark a turning point in the life of a family member. Together, families love to look back on all the hopes and hard work that led up to a graduation, culminating in a special occasion.


New Baby
In any family, the arrival of a new member is one of the biggest single events that can happen. Whether through birth, adoption, or marriage, adding children to a family is always exciting! For older family members, a new baby can remind them of their own trip through parenthood. For the new parents, documenting memories across every stage of childhood is a wonderful way to mark big moments and connect with the rest of the family, too.


Sometimes bittersweet, a big move can be an important milestone to remember. When a member or group within a family moves – whether across town or across the world – they take a piece of their family along with them. Documenting their move and sharing photos and notes along the journey can make everyone feel closer even when far apart. After all, family is still family regardless of distance.


Celebrating Life
The passing of a loved one is always challenging, but it’s often helpful to the healing process for friends and family to share happy memories of the beloved with one another. Celebrating a life well-lived through photos, stories, and even video is a great way to pay homage to someone who has died. Grieving and remembering collectively can actually bring remaining family members closer together!


Military Service
Military families make a particularly big sacrifice both at home and overseas. Documenting the important parts of military life like deployment, homecomings, and special recognitions makes those sacrifices all the more worth it. When the family can’t be together to honor a service member, sharing the experience through video and pictures makes the momentousness all the more relatable.


What kind of memories does your family love to celebrate?
It’s so important to know where you come from to know where you’re going. Family is the backbone of who we are, and in today’s world we’re never far apart. Share with us your favorite family milestones to remember!

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