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Since returning from RootsTech in February, we’ve been focused on making your experience even better. As we work on cleaning up existing features and creating bigger and better new ones, we’re also paying close attention to what our community is saying.


We’ve heard some feedback from our users needing additional clarification on how to connect their FamilySearch trees with their accounts, and we’re listening!


We hope to make that process a bit easier to follow in the future, but for now, we wanted to make sure everyone can easily enjoy the service right away.


If you’re already a member, and want to connect your tree to use all of’s great tools, follow these easy steps.

1. Head over to

2. Click on the “Sign Up” button.


3. A new window  will appear and there you’ll see the “Connect with FamilySearch” button at the bottom.


4. When you click on this option, a window will pop up prompting you to enter the login credentials for your FamilySearch account.


5.  After you’ve successfully entered your FamilySearch information, the external window will close and direct you back to You’ll then see a fun bird hopping across the screen letting you know that your FamilySearch tree is importing.


6. Once your FamilySearch information has imported, a notification will appear noting that the import was successful and you can begin enjoying your FamilySearch tree within the site.


If you’ve already created a account, or would like to have a account separate from your existing FamilySearch account, you can still import your FamilySearch tree from within the application. Here’s how!

1. If you already have created a account, simply login to and skip to step 4 below. If you’d like to  create a NEW account, go ahead and do so through the “Sign up” button at


2. Once you’ve created a new account, follow the prompts to enter your two parents.



3. After you’ve done this for both parents, you can select “Skip Tutorial” at the bottom.


4. Upon skipping the tutorial, a new window will slide up from the bottom of the screen with additional options. Click on the white “Invite” button.


5. Then simply select the “FamilySearch” option that is third from the right and follow steps 5 & 6 as noted above!

FamilySearch_Import Fun Fact:  Whether on the go or at home, is available anywhere you are! You can either download  our apps (on both iOS and Android) or simply go to the website on any computer or device and create away!