5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat with your Kids

Summer is on its way and with it comes the heat! Summer is a great time to be outside with your family but it is also important to stay cool. Here are a few fun ways to beat the summer heat!


Make Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream

Image Source: CountryLiving.com 


Who doesn’t love ice cream? What a fun and yummy activity for the whole family! Each person can pick his or her favorite flavor to make. Go here for great homemade ice cream recipes!


For a healthier alternative that will keep you equally as cool and hydrated, try fresh slices of watermelon, cucumber, or pineapple!


Play The Ready-Steady Jump Rope Game

Jump Rope

Image Source: Parents.com 


Put a refreshing spin on the classic jump rope game. Each player is handed a cup of water, and when it is their turn to jump rope (two people hold each end), they must try to keep the water from spilling! Whichever player has the most water in their cup at the end wins!


Colored Ice Blocks 

Colored Ice Blocks

Image Source: News at Life


Put food coloring in water and freeze in ice trays or plastic containers. Once they are frozen, take them outside to the kiddie pool! This will not only create beautiful rainbow water but will also keep the water nice and cool! The food coloring is harmless so won’t stain the plastic pool.


Turn a 2-liter Bottle into a Sprinkler

Bottle Sprinklers

Image Source: Clever, Crafty, Cookin’ Mama


Running through a sprinkler is a great way to beat the heat! Who knew all you needed was a leftover 2-liter soda bottle! Here are the instructions to make your very own soda bottle sprinkler, which simply involves poking holes in the top and attaching your hose!


Have a Squirt Bottle Fight 

Squirt Bottle Fights

Image Source: The Examiner 


Take a trip to the dollar store and purchase small squirt bottles. Fill them with water and run around the back yard squirting each other! Form teams and see which team gets the most soaked!


Have fun and stay cool this summer!